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Optimise Your Health with Mark Schilling: Exploring Light, Nutrition, and Wellness [EP32]
June 3, 2024
Welcome to Coaching Chats with your host Rukshana Alieva! In today's episode, we dive into optimising health for wellness with our guest, Mark Schilling. Mark shares his unique approach, focusing on light and environment as keys to overall health, prioritising them over nutrition and exercise. He discusses the impact of light, EMFs and red light therapy on the body, offering practical tips for improving sleep, energy, and overall well-being. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world of health optimisation and well-being with Mark Schilling on Coaching Chats!

Speaker Bio: 

Mark Schilling is a seasoned personal trainer and health coach with over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. His journey began with personal training, which eventually led him to expand his services to include health coaching, motivation, and lifestyle modifications. 

Working in a high-end gym in Vienna, Mark specialized in training busy professionals, including CEOs and Senior managers. His approach to fitness and health incorporates an evolutionary lens on human beings, guiding his clients to achieve their goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Mark's ability to connect with his clients and his dedication to helping them reach their full potential has made him a sought-after fitness and health coach.

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Episode summary

1. Mark Schilling's Approach to Health Optimization
   - Prioritizing light and environment over nutrition and exercise
   - Advocating for changing one's environment to support building habits and improving mental capacity
   - Importance of following the right people and shifting professional focus for coaching impact

2. Health Tips and Recommendations
   - Using modern life hacks like reducing blue light from screens in the evening for improved sleep
   - Recommendations for blue light blocking glasses brands like RaOptics and Liftblock
   - Collaboration with Nordic Labs for at-home blood spot tests and urine tests
   - Working with Wellium for quality supplement options
   - Emphasizing the importance of quality supplements and questioning food ingredients
   - Reducing blue light exposure for better sleep and overall health
   - Recommendations on hand measurements for portion control instead of calorie counting
   - Benefits of consuming seafood and its impact on brain health and energy
   - Personalized supplementation based on testing for deficiencies

3. Light and Environment Optimization
   - Effects of artificial light on circadian rhythms and melatonin production
   - Importance of the light environment on sleep, energy levels, and hormonal balance
   - Suggestions for environmental optimization and cold exposure for health benefits
   - Consideration of geographical location and dietary choices in health optimization

4. Nutrition and Dietary Recommendations
   - Critique on calorie counting and emphasis on adjusting macronutrients based on metabolic flexibility
   - Importance of considering genetic ancestry and skin type in determining vitamin D needs
   - Recommendations for omega-3, magnesium, vitamin D, and collagen protein supplementation
   - Prioritizing individualized approaches to optimize health over generic supplementation
   - Addressing misconceptions about fats and distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy plant oils

5. Red Light Therapy and its Benefits
   - Explanation of red light therapy and its benefits for various health aspects
   - Recommendations for using red light therapy, including visible red light and near-infrared
   - Cautions on overexposure and duration limits for red light therapy sessions

6. Evolutionary Perspective on Health and Nutrition
   - Evolution of human diet towards seafood consumption as humans migrated from equatorial areas
   - Discussion on the shift to dependence on fish for DHA and omega-3 fatty acids as humans evolved

7. Impact of Non-Native Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)
   - Effects of EMF from cell towers, 5g, and blue light on sleep and health
   - Importance of avoiding excessive exposure to blue light and EMF sources

8. Dissemination of Health Information and Expertise
   - Skepticism and transformation in understanding light's impact on health
   - Historical evolution of artificial light sources and health implications
   - Importance of questioning and seeking credible sources for nutrition and fitness advice

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