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The Inspiring Story of Leaving the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship: a Coaching Chat with Tonya Gossage [EP 19]
September 24, 2023
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we bring you inspiring stories and valuable insights to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship and personal growth. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Tonya Gossage, who shares her journey from leaving a corporate job to becoming a successful business owner and coach. Tonya believes that now is the perfect time for entrepreneurship and highlights the positive impact of artificial intelligence on the entrepreneurial landscape. She shares her experiences, including working with a remarkable marketing agency and how her passion for people and maintaining connections fueled her success. As a business coach Tonya helps others grow and monetize their influence and visibility, offering practical strategies to streamline and automate their businesses. Join us as we delve into Tonya's inspiring story and learn valuable lessons on taking risks, building networks, and pursuing your passion.

Speaker Bio: 

Tonya Gossage is an esteemed business coach, consultant, and trainer with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives achieve their income targets. With an impressive corporate background of 34 years, Tonya played a pivotal role in her company's remarkable growth from millions to billions in assets. After achieving her goals in the corporate world, she ventured into the entrepreneurial space to pursue her true passion.

As a master connector and networker, Tonya thrives on building meaningful relationships and helping others recognize their potential as business leaders. She believes in the power of comprehensive systems that not only drive financial success but also empower individuals to step into their confidence and become unstoppable forces in their industries.

In addition to her consulting work, Tonya is also a successful podcast host, utilizing her platform to showcase individuals who have achieved great success and inspire others to reach new heights. Her passion for connecting with people extends beyond her podcast, as she serves as an Alignable Alliance Ambassador Leader for several communities in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. Through her role, she fosters a thriving network of entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them with opportunities to grow their businesses through virtual and in-person networking sessions.

With Tonya's extensive corporate background, her experience in business coaching, consultancy, and training, and her genuine commitment to empowering others, she is a sought-after expert in the entrepreneurial field. Through her strategic guidance and actionable insights, Tonya helps her clients monetize their influence and visibility, create personalized growth strategies and optimize their business tools and processes.

Topics Covered in this episode:

I. Introduction of Tonya Gossage

II. Now is the Perfect Time for Entrepreneurship
- The belief in the current perfect time for entrepreneurship

III. Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship
- Acknowledging people's apprehensions about artificial intelligence
- Seeing artificial intelligence as a positive development for entrepreneurs
- The benefits of artificial intelligence in areas like digital marketing and content marketing

IV. Praise for a Marketing Agency
- Praising a specific marketing agency for excellent services at a low cost
- Considering the agency as their best friends and expressing loyalty as an affiliate

V. Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship
- Not initially wanting the current situation
- Encouraging people with a passion to leave their current job for entrepreneurship
- Highlighting things to do to prepare for the transition

VI. Progress and Expansion
- Progress and expansion after walking away from a job
- Crediting success to passion for people, connections, and previous job knowledge

VII. Consulting Role Experience
- Personal experience in a consulting role as a mediator between a company and a software company
- Feeling empowered and amazed by the consulting experience

VIII. Trying New Things and Not Being Afraid
- The importance of taking the step to try new things
- Gaining knowledge and understanding through immersive experiences

IX. Coaching, Training, and Podcasting
- Transition from a different capacity to focusing on coaching, training, speaking, and podcasting
- Helping people grow and monetize their influence and visibility
- Creating a growth strategy blueprint and framework

X. Streamlining Business Processes
- Auditing clients' systems and identifying unnecessary monthly subscriptions
- Suggesting combining necessary tools into a few lifetime subscriptions
- Evaluating business tools and aiming to automate processes

XI. The Power of Word-of-Mouth
- Emphasizing the importance of doing a great job in the current position
- Positive word-of-mouth and referrals as a foundation for the business
- No advertisements run for the business

XII. Evolution of the Business Structure
- Initially hiring 5 people to run the business, then transitioning to only 2 people
- Changing the approach to running the business

XIII. Positive Relationship with Banks
- Being contacted by banks for work opportunities
- Being a consultant for banks rather than working full-time
- Maintaining a positive relationship with a bank despite turning down job offers

XIV. Choosing Between Banking and Network Marketing
- Making a decision between a banking job and network marketing
- Choosing banking for stability and security to achieve high goals
- Being inspired by the idea of being one's own boss and having freedom
- Cultural changes as a factor in decision-making

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