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Achieving Life Balance by Prioritizing Health, Relationships and Inner Peace: a Coaching Chat with Gaby Tzeschlock [EP 15]
August 19, 2023
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast that delves into the world of personal growth and self-improvement. In today's episode, we have a very special guest joining host Rukshana Alieva. Please give a warm welcome to Gaby Tzeschlock, an insightful and empathetic life coach known for her unique perspectives on achieving life balance and happiness. During our conversation, Gaby emphasizes the importance of not prioritising material possessions and falling into debt. Drawing from personal experiences and real-life examples, she exposes the consequences of making decisions without thoughtful reflection. Gaby shares her own journey of inheriting half a house and making a wise choice that prioritised financial stability and life balance over societal expectations. We'll dive deep into the myth of work-life balance and examine how societal pressures contribute to stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Gaby challenges the notion of perfectionism and the unattainable image of a "perfect life" perpetuated by social media and self-development gurus. Join us as Gaby explores the significance of assertiveness, setting boundaries, and the value of strong relationships for achieving true happiness. She reminds us that resilience and self-awareness are key ingredients to finding inner peace, and that sometimes, doing nothing can be the most productive thing we can do. So sit back, relax, and get ready to gain valuable insights on achieving life balance and prioritising what truly matters. Let's jump into this fascinating conversation with life coach extraordinaire, Gaby Tzeschlock.

Speaker Bio: 

Gaby Tzeschlock believes that the traditional concept of work-life balance is flawed. She understands that this balance implies a conflict between work and personal life, which only adds to the stress and dissatisfaction. Gaby is passionate about finding a way to integrate work and life harmoniously, without sacrificing personal time and happiness. Through her research and personal experiences, she aims to redefine the idea of work-life balance and help individuals achieve true inner peace and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Topics Covered in this episode:

- Importance of not prioritising material possessions and falling into debt
- Example of friends who built an unnecessary extension and ended up in debt
- Reflecting on decisions and considering if they are necessary or important
- Personal experience of inheriting half a house and making a wise financial decision
- Values and priorities in life
- Importance of health and not sacrificing it for anything
- Shifting priorities in different stages of life
- Challenges in maintaining work-life balance
- Comparing work-life balance with others and falling into a comparison trap
- Challenges with perfectionism and its negative impact
- Neglecting self-care and prioritising work over health
- Importance of self-awareness and reflection on personal priorities
- Shifting focus and prioritisation in life
- Society's pressure on women in terms of career and family responsibilities
- Career coaching advice on choosing a profession based on personal passion
- Critique of work-life balance as a myth and work holding people back
- Critique of the expectation that all aspects of life should be equal
- Overwhelming pressure from societal expectations and social media
- Letting go of expectations and accepting imperfections
- Doing things out of genuine desire rather than obligation or pressure
- Caring for others while recognizing limits
- Societal expectations and the tendency to take on too much
- Assertiveness and creating healthy boundaries
- Self-reflection and considering relationships for life balance and happiness
- Importance of quality connections and relationships over material possessions
- Midlife crisis from focusing too much on career at the expense of relationships
- Importance of strong relationships in navigating challenges
- Prioritising people over tasks and self-care
- The value of relaxation and doing nothing
- Critique of an emphasis on productivity and the importance of rest
- Importance of physical touch for happiness and well-being
- Touch deprivation and its effects on happiness levels
- Physical touch as a "shower for the soul"
- Cuddle therapists for individuals lacking physical touch
- Importance of assertiveness and creating boundaries to avoid burnout
- Not saying no to tasks and feeling overwhelmed
- Need for self-care and protecting sanity and health
- Prioritizing family and relationships over material things
- Role modeling for children and the negative impact of busy, stressed lifestyles
- Critique of society's expectation of constant productivity and structure
- Warning that life coaches may contribute to this problem
- Importance of relaxation and self-care
- Stress and financial obligations preventing life balance
- Modern slavery through financial obligations and student debt
- Impact of stress and financial obligations on emotions
- Importance of being a role model and good leader to oneself and others
- Frustration and questioning the purpose of life due to stress and dissatisfaction

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