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Fitness Tips for Busy Lives: A Coaching Chat with Shona Hirons [EP31]
May 26, 2024
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we explore strategies to incorporate fitness into your busy life. In this episode, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with guest Shona Hirons, a behavior, fitness, and nutrition coach, to discuss practical tips and insights on how to prioritize movement and health amidst a hectic schedule. From simple exercises to nutrition advice, Shona shares her own journey of transitioning from a demanding legal career to a fulfilling path in fitness. Join us as we explore Shona's personal experiences, her emphasis on the importance of movement in daily life, and her mission to promote well-being and balance.

Speaker Bio: 

Shona Hirons is a fitness enthusiast who has dedicated her life to health and wellness. In her teenage years, she represented her country as a swimmer, but her competitive career came to an end after a knee injury. 

Despite pressure from her parents to pursue a traditional definition of success, Shona remained true to her passion for fitness. However, her commitment to health eventually led to burnout. This experience inspired her to prioritize balance and holistic well-being in her own life and to help others do the same. 

Today, she is a respected advocate for mental and physical wellness, using her personal journey to inspire and educate others on the importance of self-care and balance.

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Episode summary

Introduction of Shona Hirons and her transition from law to fitness
   - Shona's background in law and her journey towards fitness coaching
   - Shona's passion for fitness and challenges faced in her legal career

Importance of Movement in Daily Life
   - Shona's personal experiences leading her to prioritize movement and health
   - Suggestions for simple ways to incorporate movement during daily tasks
   - Impact of sedentary lifestyle on health and well-being
   - Making movement enjoyable and sustainable

Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals
   - Shona's advice for incorporating movement into a busy schedule
   - Importance of prioritizing health and well-being in a hectic lifestyle
   - Strategies for staying active amidst professional responsibilities

Mindset and Strength in Fitness
   - Shona's emphasis on strength over appearance in fitness
   - Positive outlook on aging and defying physical challenges
   - Setting goals and embracing new experiences as part of fitness journey

Nutrition Guidance and Health Tips
   - Portion size recommendations based on hand measurements
   - Importance of protein in the diet, especially for strength training
   - Shona's 80:20 rule for balanced eating habits

Incorporating Fitness into Daily Routines
   - Exercise ideas that can be integrated into daily activities
   - Strategies for creating a routine and maintaining physical activity
   - Overcoming challenges of working from home and staying active

Menopause, Mental Health, and Workplace Well-being
   - Shona's experience with menopause, mental health, and workplace challenges
   - Advocacy for raising awareness about menopause and mental health in the workplace
   - Importance of proactive support and reliable information on menopause

Personal Growth and Finding Balance
   - Shona's journey towards balance, learning to prioritize health, and setting boundaries
   - Overcoming obstacles and finding fulfillment in fitness coaching
   - Advocacy for mental health, menopause awareness, and self-care

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