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Finding Fulfillment in Corporate Life: Reflections on Regrets and Growth Opportunities [EP 11]
July 23, 2023
On this episode of Coaching Chats, Rukshana discusses three things she wishes she had done differently during her corporate career. Rukshana shares her regrets about not starting her online presence earlier, including writing online, establishing a YouTube channel, and having a podcast. She believes that utilizing social media in the right way would have helped her think more clearly, analyze information better, and effectively communicate her message. Building an online presence could have also opened up opportunities for networking, personal branding, and professional growth. Despite acknowledging the challenge of gaining visibility in the crowded social media landscape, Rukshana emphasizes the importance of reflecting on these regrets and making changes for a better future. In addition to her regrets about her online presence, Rukshana touches on the topic of mental resilience in the financial services industry, an area vital for coping with the challenges of tight deadlines, difficult people, and office politics. She shares her struggles with maintaining mental strength and highlights the toxic workplace environment that can result from office politics. Rukshana also reflects on the imbalance caused by prioritizing work too much, which took a toll on her physical health and social interactions. If given the chance, she would have prioritized her well-being by going to the gym after work and investing time in meaningful connections outside of the office. Tune in to this episode to gain insights from Rukshana's reflections and learn how to navigate the complexities of the corporate world or any other industry.
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