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The Impact of Leadership on Organisational Culture: a Coaching Chat with Bernard Kates [EP 14]
August 11, 2023
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we delve into the world of personal and professional development. In today's episode, we have a very special returning guest joining us – Bernard Kates. Bernard has an extensive background in transformational leadership, where he witnessed firsthand the powerful impact that organisational culture can have on a team's performance and individual satisfaction. His story sheds light on the transformative power of leadership and the importance of finding work that aligns with our values and sense of self. As we dive into Bernard's interview, we'll explore how one person can influence an entire organisation, the signs that indicate a job isn't the right fit, and the steps we can take to cultivate a positive and fulfilling work environment. Join us as we uncover the keys to navigating career choices, personal growth, and creating a thriving organisational culture. This is Coaching Chats, and I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva. Let's get started!

Speaker Bio: 

Bernard is a Transformational Leadership Coach and mentor.

Bernard’s expertise extends beyond coaching aspiring Life coaches and people in executive roles. He is also a dedicated Leadership coach, specialising in assisting new leaders who are navigating the challenges of their recent promotion. Additionally, Bernard offers masterclasses, such as the new and highly regarded ‘Living from the Heart’ program. He also published his book called - ‘Living from the Heart’.

What sets Bernard apart is his wealth of life experience, which he brings to his coaching practice. He firmly believes in the power of empowerment and advocates for living authentically, demonstrating empathy and non-judgment towards others, and continually pursuing personal and professional growth.

Topics Covered in this episode:

- The positive organizational culture focused on serving the public and dedication to the job
- Shift in organisational culture due to the appointment of a new autocratic commissioner
- Negative impact of the new commissioner's management style and lack of value for employee input
- Negative shift in employee attitudes and the loss of passionate and capable employees
- Importance of recognizing when a job or environment isn't a good fit and taking action to change it
- Example of a colleague who left their job due to ethical conflicts
- Finding work that aligns with values and personal fulfillment
- Importance of strategic job applications and having a career path in mind
- Regularly assessing if a current role is taking one closer to career goals
- Outgrowing leadership roles and the need for continual growth and learning
- Organizational values, vision, and mission coming from within the company
- The allure of genuine values and meaningful mission for employees
- Authenticity and living the company's values to retain employees and reduce turnover
- Encouraging employees to stretch themselves for personal and professional development
- Leadership insecurity and lack of support for employee advancement
- Importance of confident leadership and inspiring high performance
- Celebrating and supporting employees moving upward for their benefit and the organisation's
- Self-confidence and security as fundamentals of effective leadership
- Characteristics of a positive workplace environment
- Cultural change through changes in senior management
- Negative effects of pressure and transactional environments on burnout
- Autocratic leadership style and its negative impact on organisational culture
- Recognizing the need for a job change when feeling disheartened and dreading work
- Significance of motivation stemming from enjoyment and drive for excellence
- Creating a positive organisational culture starts with a clear vision
- Effective leadership through self-knowledge, empowerment, and trust in employees
- The importance of respect and appreciation for employee contributions
- Protecting teams from unnecessary and burdensome tasks
- Differentiating between leadership and management
- Understanding personal values and motivations before job searching
- Seeking organizations with aligned values and culture as potential employers
- Demonstrating authenticity and self-assurance in interviews
- Money not being the main motivator for job selection
- Personal decision-making leading to career satisfaction and meaning
- The potential for organisational culture and leadership changes
- Options for dealing with a deteriorating organisational culture: tolerate, work to change, or leave.

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