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Standing Out in the Noisy Digital Space: A Coaching Chat with Kami Guildner [EP27]
February 25, 2024
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of coaching, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. In this episode, host Rukshana Alieva is joined by the inspiring Kami Guildner, a renowned business coach for women entrepreneurs and the founder of Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference. Together, they explore the powerful art of standing out amongst the noise in today's crowded digital landscape. Kami shares her transformative journey from a corporate VP to a business coach, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and self-discovery in building a meaningful and impactful brand. They discuss the challenges of being authentic in a saturated market and offer practical insights into finding one's unique voice and connecting with clients on a deeper level. Tune in as they delve into the strategies for creating genuine connections, the significance of mindset work, and the balance between soulful entrepreneurship and strategic business growth. So, prepare to be inspired as we uncover the keys to setting yourself apart and making a real impact in the world of coaching and business.

Speaker Bio: 

Kami Guildner's journey towards coaching began after she experienced a series of life-changing events. After being laid off from her job, she unexpectedly lost her father, leading her to take a step back and reevaluate her life. Through a year and a half of introspection and inner work, Kami realized that she had strayed from her true self. Spending time with friends and observing nature helped her reconnect with her core values. It was a moment with one of her horses that ultimately inspired her to pursue coaching, as she sought guidance on her next steps. This pivotal moment led Kami to embark on a new path as a coach, drawing from her own experiences to help others find their way.

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Episode summary

Sure, here's a comprehensive sequence of topics covered in the text, with sub-topic bullets below each primary topic:
1. Introduction to Kami Guildner and Coaching Chats Podcast
   - Kami Guildner's background as a business coach for women entrepreneurs

2. Journey into Coaching
   - Kami's journey from a corporate VP to becoming a business coach for women entrepreneurs
   - Reflection on her life and recentering herself
   - Evolution into coaching after a moment with one of her horses

3. Standing Out in a Saturated Market
   - The importance of authentic voices in leading change
   - Challenges of staying authentic in a saturated market
   - The changing nature of authenticity and the need for change

4. Identifying Unique Voice and Branding
   - Overcoming the mindset of playing small
   - Integrating one's essence into branding for a unique and authentic presence
   - Addressing ideal clients' fears and desires for effective communication

5. Thought Leadership and Authenticity on Social Media
   - Developing a thought leadership message for impact
   - Creating "white space" for clarity and purpose
   - The struggle of being authentic on social media due to concerns about others' opinions

6. Building Genuine Relationships on Social Media
   - Building genuine connections with a smaller, more targeted audience
   - Genuine relationships through direct messages and free events
   - The value of actively engaging in the learning process and empowering women in business

7. Creating Conscious Environments and Inner Work
   - Importance of inner work, purpose, and conscious environments
   - Influence of self-discovery on business coaching and making a significant impact
   - The significance of authenticity in building a personal brand and connecting with others

8. Content Creation and Staying Grounded
   - Utilizing AI tools like chat GPT while infusing one's own soul and energy into the content
   - The challenge of staying grounded and present in the age of social media
   - Importance of meditation, setting boundaries, and balancing soul work and strategy in an entrepreneurial journey

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