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Why obsessing over job titles can be detrimental to overall well-being [EP 5]
April 30, 2023
On this episode of Coaching Chats, I explore the topic of personal branding vs job titles where I stress the importance of personal development and building skills & expertise to create a fulfilling life. Here we cover the distractions that job titles can cause and how some industries prioritise titles more than others. We also cover the risks and limitations of chasing promotions and titles and how it can lead to workplace politics and a lack of focus on quality work. Join me for a discussion on the importance of focusing on what truly matters in our careers and lives.

Topic: Dangers of Job Title Obsession

- Job titles can be a distraction from what really matters in one's career
- Obsession with job titles and promotions is observed in some industries, particularly in hierarchical structures like banking
- Asset management has a flatter structure and does not prioritize job titles as much as banks do
- Banks are hierarchical organizations with a rank system in their workforce
- This can create an environment that values status over value added to the company
- Employees may strive to move up the ranks for the status that comes with a higher title, not for making a meaningful contribution
- People who are addicted to promotions and ranks may be more susceptible to workplace politics and focus on the status associated with their titles rather than the quality of their work

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