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MindFreeks: A Values-Driven Coaching Community for Personal Growth and Exploration [EP 6]
May 21, 2023
In this episode of Coaching Chats, Rukshana interviews Michelle Wiseman community leader of MindFreeks - a values-driven community for coaches. We dive into the world of MindFreeks where individuals take responsibility for their own growth and exploration. Joining the community is free, but it's up to the individuals to invest in themselves and take ownership of their journey. We explore the organic process of building connections and rapport within the community, emphasizing the importance of safety and a "win-win" mindset. The MindFreeks community isn't just about the events they offer; it's about the individuals and their contributions. However, finding a balance between creating structure and maintaining organic growth is a challenge. We delve into the importance of personal growth and self-awareness for life coaches, with the speaker sharing their own journey and experiences with attending workshops and receiving feedback. The community aspect of learning and personal growth is significant and promotes openness and inclusivity. We explore the complexity of creating a community, sharing insights from Mindset - a supportive environment where individuals have the freedom to try new things, with no competition. The ultimate goal is aligning values and vision to create magic within a community, regardless of its size. Tune in to learn more about this fascinating topic!

Speaker Bio: 

Michelle Wiseman has had a varied working life. She started in catering and quickly moved into training and management within the industry. An accident in her late twenties changed her life and led her to move to Spain for a while. In her 40s, she was at a crossroads and decided to become a coach to help others navigate life's challenges. She brings her experience from the catering industry, managing and training people, and her life-changing journey to her coaching practice.

Topics Covered in this episode:

- Introduction to MindFreeks Community
- Michelle's background and personal transition into Coaching
- Events and opportunities in MindFreeks Community
- Importance of personal growth for coaches
- Power of words and self-help journey
- Significance of community in personal growth
- Mindset and building a community
- Aligning values and vision in a community


- MindFreeks is a values-driven community built organically through connections and rapport.
- People join the community for free and must invest in themselves and take ownership of their journey.
- The community is not about the events or activities but the individuals and their contributions.
- Creating structure and maintaining organic growth is a challenge.
- Members create their own events on the community calendar.
- Creating communities within communities is healthy and promotes inclusivity.
- Personal growth and self-awareness are significant for life coaches.
- The coaching community allows for connections to multiple communities and transparency is crucial.
- A hunger for growth and experimenting led to the creation of MindFreeks.
- Collaboration is encouraged, and roles are held lightly in MindFreeks.
- Building a community has to have a purpose and the values of the community must align with its members.
- Members can create their own events and share them on social media.
- MindFreeks community offers a flexible 30-day plan for new members.

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