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Identifying Your Core Values [EP 16]
August 27, 2023
Welcome to another episode of Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into topics that can help you find fulfillment and balance in your life. I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva, a friendly and caring life coach, specializing in guiding unhappy employees in the financial services industry towards a more meaningful existence. In today's episode, we'll be discussing an essential aspect of personal growth: how to identify your core values. If you've been following our podcast, you may have noticed that values are a recurring theme in our discussions. Today, we'll take a closer look at what core values are, why they matter, and, most importantly, how to discover your own. Understanding your core values is key to making decisions and living a more purposeful life. So grab a pen and paper as we explore this vital topic together. Let's get started on this journey towards self-discovery and personal empowerment. Welcome to Coaching Chats!
Episode summary

- Introduction to the importance of core values in finding fulfillment and balance
    - Mention of values being crucial and not taught in schools
- Definition of core values as the things that are most important to us and guide our decisions and actions
    - Comparison of values to a path followed throughout life
- Explanation of how values are not fixed and can change as we grow and evolve
    - Personal example of how values shifted from career-focused to well-being and freedom-focused
- Importance of clarity on values in understanding oneself and making decisions
    - Mention of feeling lost, disoriented, and life seeming meaningless without knowing values
- Instructions on how to identify core values through self-reflection
    - Questions to ask oneself about important factors, decision-making, and meaningful experiences
    - Examples of values such as health, freedom, authenticity, connection, growth, and contribution
- Caution against prioritizing "bad values" that may lead to regret and a lack of meaning in the long run
    - Mention of excessive Netflix watching as an example
- Suggestion of doing a values check each week and making adjustments to align with values
    - Example of assessing whether fitness and health values were lived out during the week
- Consequences of not living according to values, including sadness, dissatisfaction, and inauthenticity
- Encouragement to make an effort to identify values and live in alignment with them
- Rewards of living a values-based life, such as a sense of purpose and fulfillment
- Invitation to like and subscribe to the channel for more helpful content
- Farewell and thank you for watching.

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