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The Impact of Bad Bosses on Mental Health: What You Need to Know [EP 4]
April 14, 2023
On this episode of Coaching Chats, I share my past experiences with bad bosses and their negative impact on mental health. From being ignored and undermined by a certain person to working under dictatorial leadership, I have seen both sides of the spectrum when it comes to good and bad bosses. This episode highlights how emotions are a normal part of being human and how the psychological effects of working for a bad boss can extend beyond just stress. I urge anyone dealing with a bad boss to take action and not ignore the situation, recommending actions such as speaking up or talking to HR, and even finding a new job if necessary. Join me as I explore this important topic and learn how we can thrive in a good work environment.
Topics Covered:

1. The speaker's personal experience with being ignored in a team environment and receiving negative feedback from a boss

- Speaker was undermined and criticized without constructive feedback
- Speaker felt small and apprehensive after one-on-one sessions
- Speaker experienced insomnia and lost motivation at a previous job due to bad management.

2. The impact of bad bosses on mental health and life in general

- Bad bosses can cause depression, anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem
- These psychological effects can affect relationships and career success
- Complaining about a bad boss can impact personal relationships

3. The effects of bad leadership on the workplace

- Bad bosses can be dangerous and have a detrimental effect on mental health
- The speaker had a boss with a dictatorial leadership style who negatively impacted their mental health
- The speaker had a previous boss who created an atmosphere of favoritism and exclusion.

4. The importance of taking action for a healthy work environment

- A good work environment is important for thriving instead of being brought down
- Despite efforts towards creating good bosses, there are still many cases of bad bosses in the workplace
- To deal with a bad boss, it's important to address the situation by speaking up or talking to HR.

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