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The Essence of Pilates: A Coaching Chat with Jennifer Bentley [EP28]
March 28, 2024
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we dive into the world of wellness, fitness, and personal growth! In today's episode, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with Pilates expert Jennifer Bentley to explore the transformative power of this unique fitness practice. Together, they peel back the layers of Pilates, discussing its physical and mental benefits, the differences between classical and contemporary approaches, and the inclusive nature of Pilates for diverse bodies and abilities. Join us as we uncover the core principles of Pilates and gain insights into how this practice can enhance your overall well-being!

Speaker Bio: 

Jennifer Bentley is a dedicated and passionate physical therapist (PT) who found her purpose in the world of fitness and rehabilitation. Feeling that being a general PT was too broad, she sought out a specialisation that would set her apart. After experimenting with different techniques, she discovered Pilates and was immediately drawn to its unique approach to exercise and rehabilitation. 

She dove into Pilates, learning everything she could about mat classes and reformers, and soon became a leading expert in the field. Today, Jennifer is known for her expertise in Pilates and her ability to incorporate it into her PT sessions, helping her clients achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals with precision and expertise.

Working in the fitness industry since 2010 and became a Pilates instructor in 2015. Her Pilates career has gone from strength to strength, and last year, she opened her own reformer studio in Hertfordshire - Renew Reformer Pilates. She is passionate about the method as she has experienced the results for herself and has witnessed the change in others’ lives as a result of their Pilates practice. 

She is passionate about the method as she has experienced the results for herself and has witnessed the change in others’ lives as a result of their Pilates practice. 

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Episode summary

Introduction to Jennifer Bentley and Pilates
- Jennifer Bentley's background in Pilates and the fitness industry
- Transition from personal training to Pilates and opening her own reformer studio
- Attraction to Pilates and its rewarding and beneficial aspects

Key Principles and Development of Pilates
- Core principles of Pilates: control, breath, centering, flow, precision, and concentration
- Origin of Pilates as "contrology" by Joseph Pilates
- Development of the reformer and its use of springs for resistance

Different Types of Pilates
- Mat Pilates for learning mind-body connection and awareness
- Reformer Pilates for building strength and resistance using springs
- Contemporary and classical Pilates, with focus on variations and rigidity
- "Le Gray" method, a higher-impact movement inspired by Pilates
- Debate on what qualifies as Pilates, with views on classical exercises and principles

Physical and Mental Benefits of Pilates
- Physical benefits: injury prevention, improved posture, better sports performance, and pain relief
- Mental benefits: improved mind-body connection, mindfulness, and proper breathing
- Spinal extension exercises and their benefits for posture and mobility

Inclusivity and Diversity in Pilates
- Trends and exclusivity in Pilates, with a focus on aesthetics
- Importance of Pilates for people recovering from injuries or surgeries
- Emphasis on instructors caring for clients, regardless of appearance
- Encouragement for diversity in body types and abilities practicing Pilates

Becoming a Pilates Instructor and Finding the Right Practice
- Unregulated nature of the Pilates industry and varying practice hours for instructors
- Importance of a passionate and experienced instructor who cares about students
- Jennifer Bentley's approach to teaching Pilates and her favorite exercises
- Emphasis on how Pilates makes individuals feel rather than physical appearance

Conclusion and Where to Find Jennifer Bentley's Pilates Classes
- Continuous learning and evolution of Pilates
- Information about Jennifer Bentley's Pilates classes in Hertfordshire
- Links to Jennifer's website, Facebook page, and Instagram for more information and connection opportunities

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