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Navigating Career and Life Transitions: a Coaching Chat with Matt Barthel [EP 18]
September 12, 2023
Welcome back to another episode of Coaching Chats! In today's interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with the insightful and experienced Matt Barthel. Matt is the CEO and founder of LifeWorks, specialising in teaching and learning, German language coaching, and empowering individuals to lead authentic and purpose-driven lives. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of career and life transitions through transformation. Matt shares his wisdom on the key elements of transformation, the importance of self-awareness, and the courage required to pursue new paths. We also explore his personal journey, from pursuing an MBA to homeschooling his children and defying societal norms. Stay tuned as we uncover valuable insights and practical tips on making meaningful career changes and leading a life of authenticity. Let's dive in!

Speaker Bio: 

With a rich background spanning over 18 years in education, I've navigated a diverse landscape of roles and projects. From managing over 50 educational initiatives in Germany as an employee and later a freelancer, to becoming a specialist in teaching and learning, Matt's journey has been one of continual growth. In 2016, he ventured into the realm of online education, harnessing his expertise as a German language coach. Teaching over 800 hours within five years, he's honed his skills and insights.

His academic pursuits include an MBA in Social Management and an additional diploma in higher education, bolstering his professional foundation. A transformative chapter began in 2017 when Matt's family embarked on a journey of travel and homeschooling. Enrolling his children in a US-based high school program, he introduced homeschooling to other families and served as a remote academic advisor for the same institution. Training extensively in coaching modalities such as NLP, CBT, counseling, and life coaching since 2018, he's passionately embraced his role as a coach and Achologist.

Guided by a resolute mission, Matt aspires to empower individuals seeking remote work, tailored education for their children, and a life defined by authenticity. Matt's recent venture, LifeWorx LLC, stands as a testament to this commitment, offering unwavering support to those striving for purpose-driven careers.

Topics Covered in this episode:

1. Definition of Transformation
- Unlearning old habits, adopting new skills, mindsets, and habits
2. Transformation through Transition
- Changes in behavior, language, and thinking
- Importance of truly changing attitudes and behaviors
3. Example of Lack of Transformation
- Individuals behaving the same way around parents despite growing older
4. Personal Experience with Pursuing an MBA
- Reflecting on the requirement at the time
5. Questioning the Need for Traditional Education
- Encouraging young people to consider alternative paths
- Example of daughter learning ecology through online courses
6. Honesty in Pursuing Personal Goals
- Importance of being true to oneself
- Not succumbing to external pressures
7. Importance of Financial Independence
- Having money in the bank to survive for about a year
- Turning skills into something people would pay for
- The role of wife's education in current lifestyle
- The need to figure out how to earn money when abroad
8. Consequences of Not Having Sustainable Income Abroad
9. Importance of Openness and Learning New Skills
- Personal examples of pursuing education for new career paths
- Encouraging others to be open-minded and seek opportunities to learn
10. Courage and Dedication in Pursuing New Career Paths
- Self-awareness as a crucial first step
- Many people sticking to a career without realizing the need for change
- Realization that something needs to change takes time
11. Signs It's Time for a Change
- Feeling uncomfortable or unhappy in current job
- Noticing the signs and opening one's eyes
12. Desire for Independence and Autonomy
- Moving from being an employee to self-employment
- Starting own company for two years
- Realization of not being suited for being an employee
13. Challenges of Self-Reliant Life in the Countryside
- Moving from cities to the countryside for self-reliance
- Difficulties in sustaining themselves through gardening
14. Financial Support and Stress in Relationships
- One person earning money while the other struggles
- Example of the speaker's wife being the breadwinner
15. Traveling and Exploring Different Countries and Cultures
- Travelling extensively after the fall of the Berlin Wall
- Desire to see what was previously prohibited
16. Choosing Full-Time Travel as a Result of Homeschooling Prohibition
- Selling everything and traveling as a family
- Defying the prohibition on homeschooling
17. Introduction of "Career Compass" Course
- Aimed at career changers and those uncertain after formal education
- 14-day video course with daily videos and assignments
18. "Career Compass" course overview
- Identifying values and living up to potential
- Exploring the difference between reskilling and upskilling
- Guiding participants towards a clear plan for a career change

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