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The Importance of Strength Training for Women's Long-Term Health: a Coaching Chat with Daisy Burman [EP29 Part 1 of 2]
May 12, 2024
Welcome to Coaching Chats! In this first part of a 2 episode series, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with personal trainer Daisy Burman to explore why women should prioritise strength training for long-term health. Daisy Burman emphasises the misconceptions around weightlifting making women bulky and the importance of focusing on building strength over achieving a skinny physique through excessive cardio. The discussion also covers the holistic benefits of strength training, dispelling myths about food and nutrition as well as the significance of rest and recovery in achieving overall well-being. Join us as we explore the impact of strength training on physical, internal and mental health, debunking common misconceptions and providing valuable insights into women's fitness goals.

Speaker Bio: 

Daisy Burman is a passionate advocate for strength training, especially for women. She believes that media often portrays strength training in a negative light, and she is determined to change that perception. Daisy is dedicated to promoting the positive effects of strength training and hopes to make it more popular, especially among younger women. She believes that it can benefit women of all ages and wants to spread awareness about its importance. With trends like Pilates and high rocks training gaining popularity, Daisy is determined to show that strength training deserves just as much attention. She is committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for women and is a voice for the benefits of strength training in the media.

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Episode summary

The Importance of Strength Training for Women
- Daisy Burman emphasizes the benefits of women focusing on strength training and building muscle rather than aiming for a skinny body through excessive cardio.
  - Discussing her personal experience of weight training for 2-3 years without becoming bulky.
- The societal fear of women towards weightlifting and the misconception of looking too masculine.
  - The need to promote the benefits of strength training for women and dispel the misconception that women have to be skinny.
- Overtraining and the importance of rest and recovery in strength training.
  - The significance of balance, enjoying life, and not neglecting other aspects of life in pursuit of fitness goals.

Physical Health Benefits of Strength Training
- The benefits of strength training for women's confidence, independence, and overall physical health.
  - The relevance of exercise for women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, for healthier bones, muscles, and overall well-being.
- The potential for weight lifting to improve physical health as one ages, promoting strength and injury prevention, particularly for women involved in sports.
  - The possibility to build muscle at any age and the encouragement that it's never too late to start.

Benefits of Strength Training for Long-Term Health
- The impact of weightlifting on body composition, insulin activity, and the time and consistency required for results.
  - Advocating for starting strength training at a young age to prevent future injuries and regrets.
- The importance of reflection on overall lifestyle, not just gym attendance and the promotion of movement throughout the day, such as walking, especially for those with desk jobs.
  - Reducing the risk of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and cancer, and the enhanced ability to fight off diseases through exercise.

Balanced Approach to Nutrition and Mindset
- Daisy Burman's mission to educate people about the importance of food and nutrition and to promote a more balanced approach to nutrition.
  - Expressing concern about the negative perceptions of certain foods and the promotion of low-calorie and reduced-fat items.
- The importance of enjoying life and the significance of checking in with oneself and listening to the body to avoid overtraining.
  - Rukshana Alieva emphasizing the importance of promoting a positive relationship with food and enjoying life.

The Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training
- The mental health benefits of exercise, including improved mood, sleep, productivity, and reduced stress.
  - Stressing the importance of listening to one's body and avoiding overtraining and exhaustion.
- The connection between physical and mental well-being, referencing studies on mental health and exercise.

Physical Progress and Body Image
- The obsession with scales, the weight of muscle versus fat, and the importance of progress photos over scale weight.
  - The impact of media and lack of research on body ideals, notably concerning skinny celebrities.

Overcoming Misconceptions and Stereotypes
- Dispelling the misconception of weightlifting making women bulky and addressing the fear of looking too masculine.
  - Reflecting on the cultural shift in body image trends and societal attitudes towards weightlifting for women.

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