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From Trauma to Triumph, the Journey of Healing and Resilience: a Coaching Chat with Alec Wells [EP 17]
September 4, 2023
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva, and I'm thrilled to bring you today's episode about understanding trauma and navigating emotional healing featuring an incredible guest, Alec Wells. Alec's journey is truly inspiring. From a young age, they joined the emergency services, working in covert policing and later becoming a paramedic. However, their career was not without its challenges, as they were exposed to trauma that led to a diagnosis of complex PTSD. But Alec embarked on a powerful healing process, discovering the world of ecology and finding renewed purpose in serving others. In this episode, Alec shares his profound insights on trauma and resilience. We explore the impact of trauma on individuals, the importance of not comparing experiences, and the transformative power of reframing thinking and challenging negative self-talk. Alec also emphasizes the significance of self and social support in the healing journey. We'll dive into the concept of trauma itself, understanding how it overwhelms coping mechanisms and affects both the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. Alec sheds light on the unique challenges faced by emergency service workers and the importance of acknowledging and addressing secondary trauma. Additionally, we delve into Trauma Risk Management (TRiM), a method developed in the military, which offers valuable insights into assessing and supporting individuals affected by traumatic incidents. Alec provides us with an in-depth understanding of the key factors involved in TRiM and highlights the importance of early intervention and professional care. Join us as Alec candidly shares their personal experiences, discussing the impact trauma had on their own life and how he found solace in Achology. He reveals the power of building a supportive community, embracing authenticity, and finding peace by shifting to the "wise mind." Throughout the episode, Alec offers practical strategies to develop resilience and navigate emotional healing. From grounding techniques to challenging thoughts, they provide a comprehensive model for building personal resilience. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand trauma, heal emotional wounds, and harness their inner strength. So, grab your headphones, find a comfortable spot, and get ready to embark on a journey of resilience and healing. Let's dive into understanding trauma and navigating emotional healing with my guest, Alec Wells.

Speaker Bio: 

Alec Wells is a former police officer and paramedic who dedicated the majority of his career to covert policing, including working against organised crime and engaging in undercover operations. After taking a career break, he joined the ambulance service and became a mentor and elite paramedic. During his time in these high-stress roles, Alec became exposed to trauma and realised that he had experienced adverse childhood experiences that contributed to his sensitivity to it. 

After being diagnosed with complex PTSD (now referred to as complex trauma), he was told that he would have to live with it for the rest of his life. This led him to explore Achology and trauma in depth, inspiring him to regain his confidence and completely transform himself. Alec's journey has led him to find a new sense of purpose in serving and helping others, which he feels was limited in his previous careers due to organizational constraints. 

Now, he operates independently, utilising his knowledge and experiences to support individuals wherever opportunities arise.

Topics Covered in this episode:

Understanding Trauma and its Impact
- Definition of trauma as an event overwhelming coping mechanisms
- Importance of individual perception/experience of the event
- Physical and psychological reactions to trauma
- Effects of repetitive/chronic traumatic experiences
- Impact of trauma on emergency service workers
- Secondary trauma for those close to trauma survivors
- Role of visualization in trauma

Navigating Emotional Healing
- Speaker's personal journey of trauma and healing
- Discovery of ecology as part of healing process
- Finding purpose in serving others
- Negative outcomes of comparing traumas
- Effects of trauma on personal relationships and home life
- Problem thinking and negative self-talk
- Importance of reframing thinking and challenging negative beliefs
- Role of self and social support in healing and resilience

Developing Resilience
- Resilience as something that can be exercised like a muscle
- Importance of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation
- Pillars of personal resilience
- Importance of being seen and heard
- The misconception of weakness in seeking help
- Developing personal resilience through trauma awareness

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM)
- Definition and purpose of TRiM
- Use of TRiM in identifying and assessing individuals affected by trauma
- Key risk factors assessed in TRiM process
- Acute stress as an indicator for potential chronic reactions
- Effectiveness of TRiM in early intervention and referral
Alec delivers TRiM training for - It's Strong Mind Resilience Ltd

The Role of Coaching in Trauma Healing
- Challenging the "deal with it" mentality in certain professions
- Importance of speaking up and seeking help
- Recognition of need for resilience in dealing with adversity
- Role of coaching in developing personal resilience
- Speaker's model for developing resilience
- Exploring different approaches if one doesn't work

Achology and its Impact on Healing
- Speaker's discovery of Achology during healing process
- Significance of Achology community and authenticity
- Embracing Achology principles in mental wellness industry
- Benefits of Achology as a social support system

Managing Triggers and Building Coping Mechanisms
- Recognising triggers that resurface past trauma
- Managing physical and emotional reactions to triggers
- Speaker’s personal experience with being triggered by sirens
- Importance of avoiding intrusive questions about trauma

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