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Strategies for Overcoming Burnout: a Coaching Chat with Tamara Beckford MD [EP24]
November 26, 2023
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we explore strategies and insights to help you overcome career challenges and reach your full potential. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Tamara Beckford MD, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, author, speaker, and CEO of UR Caring Dogs. Dr. Tamara is a leading expert in employee wellness strategies, and she has interviewed over 200 physicians about self-care. Her knowledge and experience have been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Voyage Houston, just to name a few. Today's conversation focuses on a topic that affects many people in the workplace: burnout. Burnout is a chronic stress response that can lead to emotional exhaustion, detachment, and a decreased sense of accomplishment. It's a phenomenon that can impact individuals in various industries, but today we'll specifically explore its impact on healthcare professionals. As an emergency room doctor, Dr. Tamara understands firsthand the stress and anxiety associated with working in a high-pressure environment. She shares valuable insights on recognizing the signs of burnout and implementing effective strategies to prevent it. From the importance of taking time off to practicing self-care, Dr. Tamara emphasizes the significance of prioritizing our well-being in the face of constant demands. We'll also delve into the role organisations play in combating burnout. From implementing wellness programs to providing training workshops on stress management, there are various ways employers can support their employees' overall well-being. Dr. Tamara's expertise and experience in working with organizations of different sizes make her insights invaluable. So, get ready to gain valuable knowledge about burnout, stress management, and well-being in the workplace. Join me, your host, Rukshana Alieva, as we dive into this enlightening conversation with the incredible Dr. Tamara Beckford. Let's begin our Coaching Chat!

Speaker Bio: 

Tamara Beckford MD is a renowned expert on burnout and its effects on individuals in high-stress work environments. With her extensive knowledge and research, she has simplified the concept of burnout by breaking it down into the 3 D's - depletion. 

As people casually toss around the term "burnout," Tamara has shed light on the fact that it is a serious psychological chronic stress that hampers productivity and overall mental well-being. 

Through her work, she aims to educate professionals about the physiological and emotional repercussions of burnout, providing them with the necessary tools to prevent and manage this detrimental phenomenon. 

Topics Covered in this episode:

1. Understanding Burnout
- Definition of burnout as psychological chronic stress
- Explanation of the signs and symptoms of burnout
- Impact of burnout on individuals and organizations
- Physiological effects of burnout, such as elevated cortisol levels
- Importance of periodic relaxation and self-care to prevent burnout

2. Burnout in the Workplace
- The role of the social circle in burnout and stress
- How work environment and colleagues can affect stress levels
- Strategies for combating burnout in the workplace
- Recognition of high stress levels by employers
- Importance of providing techniques and training to reduce stress
- The financial implications of high turnover for organizations

3. Interview with Dr. Tamara Beckford
- Discussion of burnout in healthcare and the stress and anxiety associated with it
- Explanation of the chaotic nature of working in the emergency room
- Importance of taking time off and practicing self-care in high-stress environments
- Mention of a previous guest who provides coaching and training for healthcare professionals dealing with trauma
- Emphasis on the need for self-care and relaxation to cope with chronic stress

4. Strategies for Preventing Burnout
- Introduction of wellness programs in organisations to reduce stress
- Techniques such as gratitude practice, mindfulness, and meditation
- Importance of training employees on stress management and burnout prevention
- Hiring skilled individuals to provide training and support for employees
- Dr. Tamara's work with organisations and her training programs

5. Industries Prone to Burnout
- Mention of industries like tech and finance as more prone to burnout
- Discussion on how training programs can benefit these industries
- Dr. Tamara's expertise in working with organisations of 500 or fewer employees

Note: The order and organisation of the topics presented here may vary in the actual podcast episode.

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