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How to overcome limiting beliefs [EP21]
October 21, 2023
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we dive deep into topics that can help you transform your life! In today's episode, titled "How to overcome limiting beliefs," your host Rukshana Alieva explores the power of beliefs, both positive and negative, and how they shape our thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately, our lives. Rukshana explains the difference between core beliefs and limiting beliefs, highlighting the impact they have on our personal growth and fulfillment. She shares examples of common limiting beliefs and emphasises the importance of recognizing that these beliefs are not true. But how do beliefs form, and how can we overcome them? Rukshana provides practical steps to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, emphasising self-reflection, self-awareness, and reframing. By the end of this episode, you'll be armed with strategies to replace those limiting beliefs with empowering ones, setting yourself up for a more fulfilling and purposeful life. So sit back, relax, and get ready to conquer your limiting beliefs in this insightful and transformative episode of Coaching Chats.

Episode summary

Introduction to beliefs

- Importance of beliefs in shaping thoughts, behaviors, and lives
- Categorization of beliefs into core and limiting beliefs
- Examples of positive and negative core beliefs

What are limiting beliefs?

- Definition of limiting beliefs as thoughts, convictions, or assumptions that constrain individuals
- Relationship between limiting beliefs and negative experiences or assumptions
- Examples of common limiting beliefs

The impact of limiting beliefs

- Lack of truth or evidence behind limiting beliefs
- Negative impact on individuals' lives
- Differentiating thoughts from facts

Formation of beliefs

- Childhood as a critical period for belief formation
- Association of beliefs with past experiences, failures, and rejections

Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs

- Challenge of identifying ingrained limiting beliefs
- Various approaches to overcoming limiting beliefs
- Importance of self-reflection, self-awareness, and reframing
- Step-by-step process for identifying and challenging limiting beliefs
- Exercise in replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs

Continual management of limiting beliefs

- Importance of self-awareness in recognizing and challenging limiting beliefs
- Need for consistent effort to reframe and replace limiting beliefs
- Impact of overcoming limiting beliefs in opening up possibilities and living a purposeful life

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