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Shifting Your Focus to Increase Confidence: a Coaching Chat with Brian Boyle [EP 9]
July 9, 2023
On this episode of Coaching Chats, host Rukshana sits down with guest Brian Boyle to explore the topic of confidence. They delve into various aspects of building confidence, such as physical changes like posture and attire, as well as techniques like imagining how admired individuals handle situations. They emphasize the importance of focusing on positive outcomes, rehearsing difficult conversations, and connecting with the audience to reduce nerves. Brian opens up about his own struggles with impostor syndrome and the desire to overcome self-negative talk in order to become a confident speaker. Throughout the conversation, they highlight that confidence is not based on innate talent but rather earned through hard work and practice. They also discuss the potential challenges and judgments one may face when sharing content online and the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive relationships. Brian shares personal examples of stepping out of his comfort zone and emphasizes the continuous process of taking risks for personal growth. They discuss the significance of progress, financial investment in coaching, and the need to prioritize and invest in one's own development. The episode concludes with practical advice on embracing change, overcoming fears of judgment and failure, and the power of consistency in settling criticism. So, join us on this enlightening episode of Coaching Chats as we explore the journey to confidence and personal growth.

Speaker Bio: 

Brian Boyle is a transformational coach known for helping people overcome their self-imposed limitations and achieve their goals. With a focus on building confidence, taking decisive action, and delivering results, Brian is a trusted mentor to many individuals seeking personal growth and development. His passion for coaching was ignited at an Achology coaching event where he met Rukshana and they have since kept in touch on Instagram. Brian's insightful videos on social media have gained admiration for their valuable advice and inspiration. Now, as a guest on coaching chats, Brian is excited to share his expertise and help even more individuals shatter their limitations and create a life of success.

Topics Covered in this episode:

- The importance of confidence in critical moments
- Boosting confidence through physical changes and imagining admired individuals' behaviors
- Focusing on positive outcomes and rehearsing difficult conversations or speeches
- Meeting and connecting with the audience beforehand to reduce nerves
- Desiring to be well-received as a speaker and acknowledging the usefulness of the team's brand
- Finding techniques to feel at ease before speaking, such as shaking hands with moving people
- Suffering from impostor syndrome and being attracted to confident individuals
- Working on mindset and overcoming self-negative talk
- Describing confidence situationally and as an outcome of thoughts and actions
- Recognising that confidence is not fixed and can come and go
- Exploring the alignment and differences between self-esteem and self-confidence
- Not fearing judgment from colleagues, friends, and family
- Experiencing negative comments on social media when sharing advice
- Sharing personal examples of stepping out of one's comfort zone to improve life
- Building confidence through bravery, action, and gaining confidence from outcomes
- Continuous action and stepping beyond the comfort zone for personal growth
- Focusing on progress in various areas of life
- Dispelling the belief in inherent abilities and emphasising hard work and practice
- Importance of sacrificing and prioritising spending on coaches and resources
- Financial position and spending habits reflect priorities and mindset
- Advancing in life requires money for qualified help
- Solving financial matters as a key to progress

Key Insights:

1. Confidence is not something that is innate or fixed, but rather something that can be earned through hard work, practice, and taking action. It is based on belief in one's ability to succeed, not on actual ability.
2. Stepping out of one's comfort zone and taking risks is essential for personal growth and building confidence. Progress and fulfillment in life come from continuously challenging oneself and making progress in various areas.
3. Social media can create the false illusion that someone has "made it" in their career, but it often comes with negative comments, criticism, and potential misunderstandings. It is important to be aware of relationships and question whether they are truly supportive.
4. Financial position and spending habits reflect a person's priorities and mindset. Advancing in life often requires investing in coaches and necessary resources, and sorting out financial matters can be a key step towards progress.
5. The two biggest fears that people commonly face are the fear of judgment and the fear of failure. Overcoming these fears requires committing fully to the process, going all in, and taking consistent action. The volume of work and consistency can help to deter criticism and boost confidence.

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