Coaching chats
This is a podcast for people interested in life coaching hosted by Rukshana Alieva. If you want to bridge the gap between where you're at right now and your desired state then this may help you think differently about how you can start the journey. My passion is for continuous authentic growth. I'm passionate about the process of facilitating people to overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve improvement toward their personal life vision and true fulfilment. The podcast is not about hacks or quick fixes, but a genuine commitment to self-improvement and personal transformation. Join me as I explore this topic and share my findings with you!
Optimise Your Health with Mark Schilling: Exploring Light, Nutrition, and Wellness [EP32]
June 3, 2024 • 80 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats with your host Rukshana Alieva! In today's episode, we dive into optimising health for wellness with our guest, Mark Schilling. Mark shares his unique approach, focusing on light and environment as keys to overall health, prioritising them over nutrition and exercise. He discusses the impact of light, EMFs and red light therapy on the body, offering practical tips for improving sleep, energy, and overall well-being. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world of health optimisation and well-being with Mark Schilling on Coaching Chats!
Fitness Tips for Busy Lives: A Coaching Chat with Shona Hirons [EP31]
May 26, 2024 • 49 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we explore strategies to incorporate fitness into your busy life. In this episode, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with guest Shona Hirons, a behavior, fitness, and nutrition coach, to discuss practical tips and insights on how to prioritize movement and health amidst a hectic schedule. From simple exercises to nutrition advice, Shona shares her own journey of transitioning from a demanding legal career to a fulfilling path in fitness. Join us as we explore Shona's personal experiences, her emphasis on the importance of movement in daily life, and her mission to promote well-being and balance.
The Importance of Strength Training for Women's Long-Term Health: a Coaching Chat with Daisy Burman [EP30 Part 2 of 2]
May 16, 2024 • 31 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats! In today's episode, we continue our enlightening conversation with fitness coach Daisy Burman about the importance of strength training for women's long-term health. Daisy shares valuable insights on building confidence, the pitfalls of quick-fix fitness programs, and the significance of proper nutrition for muscle growth. Together with host, Rukshana Alieva, they critically examine the impact of unrealistic fitness claims on mental health and offer practical advice for effective and sustainable training. Join us as we discuss the world of strength training and empowerment for women with Daisy Burman on Coaching Chats!
The Importance of Strength Training for Women's Long-Term Health: a Coaching Chat with Daisy Burman [EP29 Part 1 of 2]
May 12, 2024 • 46 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats! In this first part of a 2 episode series, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with personal trainer Daisy Burman to explore why women should prioritise strength training for long-term health. Daisy Burman emphasises the misconceptions around weightlifting making women bulky and the importance of focusing on building strength over achieving a skinny physique through excessive cardio. The discussion also covers the holistic benefits of strength training, dispelling myths about food and nutrition as well as the significance of rest and recovery in achieving overall well-being. Join us as we explore the impact of strength training on physical, internal and mental health, debunking common misconceptions and providing valuable insights into women's fitness goals.
The Essence of Pilates: A Coaching Chat with Jennifer Bentley [EP28]
March 28, 2024 • 56 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we dive into the world of wellness, fitness, and personal growth! In today's episode, host Rukshana Alieva sits down with Pilates expert Jennifer Bentley to explore the transformative power of this unique fitness practice. Together, they peel back the layers of Pilates, discussing its physical and mental benefits, the differences between classical and contemporary approaches, and the inclusive nature of Pilates for diverse bodies and abilities. Join us as we uncover the core principles of Pilates and gain insights into how this practice can enhance your overall well-being!
Standing Out in the Noisy Digital Space: A Coaching Chat with Kami Guildner [EP27]
February 25, 2024 • 44 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of coaching, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. In this episode, host Rukshana Alieva is joined by the inspiring Kami Guildner, a renowned business coach for women entrepreneurs and the founder of Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference. Together, they explore the powerful art of standing out amongst the noise in today's crowded digital landscape. Kami shares her transformative journey from a corporate VP to a business coach, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and self-discovery in building a meaningful and impactful brand. They discuss the challenges of being authentic in a saturated market and offer practical insights into finding one's unique voice and connecting with clients on a deeper level. Tune in as they delve into the strategies for creating genuine connections, the significance of mindset work, and the balance between soulful entrepreneurship and strategic business growth. So, prepare to be inspired as we uncover the keys to setting yourself apart and making a real impact in the world of coaching and business.
Future-Proofing in 2024: Must-Have Skills for Self-Employment and Career Growth [EP26]
December 30, 2023 • 12 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, where we dive into the essential skills needed for success in the year ahead. In today's episode, host Rukshana Alieva shares her predictions for the top skills to master in 2024. Whether you're considering transitioning to self-employment or aiming to climb the career ladder, Rukshana's insights are designed to help you thrive in the upcoming year. From leveraging AI and honing communication and listening skills to embracing empathy and care, Rukshana delves into the critical abilities that will set you up for success. Stay tuned to discover how these skills can shape your professional journey in the year to come.
Maximising Productivity through Self-Care: a Coaching Chat with Chris Acebu [EP25]
December 3, 2023 • 38 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we explore strategies for personal and professional growth. In today's episode, Rukshana Alieva sits down with Chris Acebu, a certified life and business coach, to discuss an urgent issue in today's digital age: productivity challenges and the impact on mental well-being. From the dangers of toxic productivity to the importance of self-care and balance, they delve into meaningful insights and practical tips to help us thrive in both our personal and professional lives. So grab your favorite beverage, find a comfortable spot, and join us as we unlock the keys to a more balanced and joyful approach to productivity.
Strategies for Overcoming Burnout: a Coaching Chat with Tamara Beckford MD [EP24]
November 26, 2023 • 52 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we explore strategies and insights to help you overcome career challenges and reach your full potential. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Tamara Beckford MD, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, author, speaker, and CEO of UR Caring Dogs. Dr. Tamara is a leading expert in employee wellness strategies, and she has interviewed over 200 physicians about self-care. Her knowledge and experience have been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Voyage Houston, just to name a few. Today's conversation focuses on a topic that affects many people in the workplace: burnout. Burnout is a chronic stress response that can lead to emotional exhaustion, detachment, and a decreased sense of accomplishment. It's a phenomenon that can impact individuals in various industries, but today we'll specifically explore its impact on healthcare professionals. As an emergency room doctor, Dr. Tamara understands firsthand the stress and anxiety associated with working in a high-pressure environment. She shares valuable insights on recognizing the signs of burnout and implementing effective strategies to prevent it. From the importance of taking time off to practicing self-care, Dr. Tamara emphasizes the significance of prioritizing our well-being in the face of constant demands. We'll also delve into the role organisations play in combating burnout. From implementing wellness programs to providing training workshops on stress management, there are various ways employers can support their employees' overall well-being. Dr. Tamara's expertise and experience in working with organizations of different sizes make her insights invaluable. So, get ready to gain valuable knowledge about burnout, stress management, and well-being in the workplace. Join me, your host, Rukshana Alieva, as we dive into this enlightening conversation with the incredible Dr. Tamara Beckford. Let's begin our Coaching Chat!
Overcoming Procrastination and Mastering Your Time: a Coaching Chat with Sabrina Victoria [EP23]
November 19, 2023 • 59 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast aimed at helping you unlock your full potential and take your career to new heights. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Sabrina Victoria, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Human Better 365. Sabrina is here to share her insights on effective time management and conquering the daunting challenge of procrastination. She believes that multitasking is a myth and that it actually hinders productivity. Sabrina's journey from overcoming personal obstacles to building multiple six and seven-figure businesses has equipped her with the knowledge and strategies to help others streamline their time and increase their income. Join us as we uncover practical tips and mindset shifts to transform your approach to work and achieve your goals. Stay tuned!
The Psychology of Sales: Negotiation, Communication and Resilience: a Coaching Chat with Lynn Whitbeck [EP22]
November 9, 2023 • 42 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive into the world of personal and professional development. In today's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing the queen of sales herself, Lynn Whitbeck. Lynn is an experienced sales expert who shares her invaluable insights on building relationships, understanding clients' needs and staying ahead in the ever-changing business landscape. Get ready to discover the secrets behind successful sales strategies and how they can be applied to different aspects of life. From mindset exercises to negotiating with confidence, Lynn covers it all. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes as we embark on this enlightening conversation with Lynn Whitbeck on Coaching Chats. Let's dive in!
How to overcome limiting beliefs [EP21]
October 21, 2023 • 9 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we dive deep into topics that can help you transform your life! In today's episode, titled "How to overcome limiting beliefs," your host Rukshana Alieva explores the power of beliefs, both positive and negative, and how they shape our thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately, our lives. Rukshana explains the difference between core beliefs and limiting beliefs, highlighting the impact they have on our personal growth and fulfillment. She shares examples of common limiting beliefs and emphasises the importance of recognizing that these beliefs are not true. But how do beliefs form, and how can we overcome them? Rukshana provides practical steps to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, emphasising self-reflection, self-awareness, and reframing. By the end of this episode, you'll be armed with strategies to replace those limiting beliefs with empowering ones, setting yourself up for a more fulfilling and purposeful life. So sit back, relax, and get ready to conquer your limiting beliefs in this insightful and transformative episode of Coaching Chats.
Embracing Growth by Making Meaningful Changes in Your Life [EP 20]
October 2, 2023 • 11 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats with your host, Rukshana Alieva, the friendly and caring life coach. In this episode titled "How to Make a Meaningful Change in Life," Rukshana dives deep into the challenges people face when they want to make a change but struggle to take action. From fear of failure to fear of other people's opinions, Rukshana explores the psychological barriers that hold us back from achieving true fulfillment. She emphasizes the importance of leaving our comfort zones and stepping into the unknown in order to grow and live our best lives. With her expert insights and practical tips, Rukshana guides us through the process of making meaningful changes that align with our values. So, if you're ready to break free from stagnation and embrace a more fulfilling and balanced life, this episode is for you. Stay tuned for valuable advice and inspiring stories to empower you on your journey of change. Let's get started!
The Inspiring Story of Leaving the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship: a Coaching Chat with Tonya Gossage [EP 19]
September 24, 2023 • 68 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, where we bring you inspiring stories and valuable insights to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship and personal growth. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Tonya Gossage, who shares her journey from leaving a corporate job to becoming a successful business owner and coach. Tonya believes that now is the perfect time for entrepreneurship and highlights the positive impact of artificial intelligence on the entrepreneurial landscape. She shares her experiences, including working with a remarkable marketing agency and how her passion for people and maintaining connections fueled her success. As a business coach Tonya helps others grow and monetize their influence and visibility, offering practical strategies to streamline and automate their businesses. Join us as we delve into Tonya's inspiring story and learn valuable lessons on taking risks, building networks, and pursuing your passion.
Navigating Career and Life Transitions: a Coaching Chat with Matt Barthel [EP 18]
September 12, 2023 • 65 MIN
Welcome back to another episode of Coaching Chats! In today's interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with the insightful and experienced Matt Barthel. Matt is the CEO and founder of LifeWorks, specialising in teaching and learning, German language coaching, and empowering individuals to lead authentic and purpose-driven lives. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of career and life transitions through transformation. Matt shares his wisdom on the key elements of transformation, the importance of self-awareness, and the courage required to pursue new paths. We also explore his personal journey, from pursuing an MBA to homeschooling his children and defying societal norms. Stay tuned as we uncover valuable insights and practical tips on making meaningful career changes and leading a life of authenticity. Let's dive in!
From Trauma to Triumph, the Journey of Healing and Resilience: a Coaching Chat with Alec Wells [EP 17]
September 4, 2023 • 68 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva, and I'm thrilled to bring you today's episode about understanding trauma and navigating emotional healing featuring an incredible guest, Alec Wells. Alec's journey is truly inspiring. From a young age, they joined the emergency services, working in covert policing and later becoming a paramedic. However, their career was not without its challenges, as they were exposed to trauma that led to a diagnosis of complex PTSD. But Alec embarked on a powerful healing process, discovering the world of ecology and finding renewed purpose in serving others. In this episode, Alec shares his profound insights on trauma and resilience. We explore the impact of trauma on individuals, the importance of not comparing experiences, and the transformative power of reframing thinking and challenging negative self-talk. Alec also emphasizes the significance of self and social support in the healing journey. We'll dive into the concept of trauma itself, understanding how it overwhelms coping mechanisms and affects both the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. Alec sheds light on the unique challenges faced by emergency service workers and the importance of acknowledging and addressing secondary trauma. Additionally, we delve into Trauma Risk Management (TRiM), a method developed in the military, which offers valuable insights into assessing and supporting individuals affected by traumatic incidents. Alec provides us with an in-depth understanding of the key factors involved in TRiM and highlights the importance of early intervention and professional care. Join us as Alec candidly shares their personal experiences, discussing the impact trauma had on their own life and how he found solace in Achology. He reveals the power of building a supportive community, embracing authenticity, and finding peace by shifting to the "wise mind." Throughout the episode, Alec offers practical strategies to develop resilience and navigate emotional healing. From grounding techniques to challenging thoughts, they provide a comprehensive model for building personal resilience. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand trauma, heal emotional wounds, and harness their inner strength. So, grab your headphones, find a comfortable spot, and get ready to embark on a journey of resilience and healing. Let's dive into understanding trauma and navigating emotional healing with my guest, Alec Wells.
Identifying Your Core Values [EP 16]
August 27, 2023 • 8 MIN
Welcome to another episode of Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into topics that can help you find fulfillment and balance in your life. I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva, a friendly and caring life coach, specializing in guiding unhappy employees in the financial services industry towards a more meaningful existence. In today's episode, we'll be discussing an essential aspect of personal growth: how to identify your core values. If you've been following our podcast, you may have noticed that values are a recurring theme in our discussions. Today, we'll take a closer look at what core values are, why they matter, and, most importantly, how to discover your own. Understanding your core values is key to making decisions and living a more purposeful life. So grab a pen and paper as we explore this vital topic together. Let's get started on this journey towards self-discovery and personal empowerment. Welcome to Coaching Chats!
Achieving Life Balance by Prioritizing Health, Relationships and Inner Peace: a Coaching Chat with Gaby Tzeschlock [EP 15]
August 19, 2023 • 71 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast that delves into the world of personal growth and self-improvement. In today's episode, we have a very special guest joining host Rukshana Alieva. Please give a warm welcome to Gaby Tzeschlock, an insightful and empathetic life coach known for her unique perspectives on achieving life balance and happiness. During our conversation, Gaby emphasizes the importance of not prioritising material possessions and falling into debt. Drawing from personal experiences and real-life examples, she exposes the consequences of making decisions without thoughtful reflection. Gaby shares her own journey of inheriting half a house and making a wise choice that prioritised financial stability and life balance over societal expectations. We'll dive deep into the myth of work-life balance and examine how societal pressures contribute to stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Gaby challenges the notion of perfectionism and the unattainable image of a "perfect life" perpetuated by social media and self-development gurus. Join us as Gaby explores the significance of assertiveness, setting boundaries, and the value of strong relationships for achieving true happiness. She reminds us that resilience and self-awareness are key ingredients to finding inner peace, and that sometimes, doing nothing can be the most productive thing we can do. So sit back, relax, and get ready to gain valuable insights on achieving life balance and prioritising what truly matters. Let's jump into this fascinating conversation with life coach extraordinaire, Gaby Tzeschlock.
The Impact of Leadership on Organisational Culture: a Coaching Chat with Bernard Kates [EP 14]
August 11, 2023 • 86 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we delve into the world of personal and professional development. In today's episode, we have a very special returning guest joining us – Bernard Kates. Bernard has an extensive background in transformational leadership, where he witnessed firsthand the powerful impact that organisational culture can have on a team's performance and individual satisfaction. His story sheds light on the transformative power of leadership and the importance of finding work that aligns with our values and sense of self. As we dive into Bernard's interview, we'll explore how one person can influence an entire organisation, the signs that indicate a job isn't the right fit, and the steps we can take to cultivate a positive and fulfilling work environment. Join us as we uncover the keys to navigating career choices, personal growth, and creating a thriving organisational culture. This is Coaching Chats, and I'm your host, Rukshana Alieva. Let's get started!
Supportive Learning Environments and Empowering Special Needs Children for Success: a Coaching Chat with Stacy Anderson [EP 13]
August 4, 2023 • 66 MIN
Welcome back to Coaching Chats, the podcast where we dive deep into topics surrounding personal growth, education and coaching. In today's episode, we have a very special interview with Stacy Anderson, a passionate advocate for better communication and inclusivity in our education system. Stacy shares her personal journey and the numerous challenges she faced navigating the school system for her child with autism. From difficulties in contacting the school to frustrations with limited parent-teacher communication, Stacy opens up about the struggles many parents face when trying to support their children's education. But Stacy doesn't just highlight the problems; she also offers insights and solutions to create a more supportive and empowering environment for children with special needs. Join us as we delve into Stacy's inspiring story and explore the importance of understanding, compassion, and individualized approaches to education.
Gratitude and the Journey to a More Vibrant Life: a Coaching Chat with Tina Saxena [EP 12]
July 27, 2023 • 57 MIN
Welcome to Coaching Chats, the podcast that brings you insightful conversations with coaching experts from various fields. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Tina Saxena, a passionate nature photographer and gratitude advocate. Tina uses her phone to capture the beauty of nature, finding joy and appreciation in the small details that often go unnoticed. Through her work, Tina has discovered the power of gratitude and intention in shaping one's life. She believes that by being present in the moment and practicing appreciation, we can design our own lives and choose happiness. Join us as Tina shares her journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life, and how gratitude and mindfulness have transformed her outlook. Get ready to be inspired and learn practical tips to cultivate gratitude in your life. Stay tuned for this enlightening conversation on the transformative power of gratitude with Tina.
Finding Fulfillment in Corporate Life: Reflections on Regrets and Growth Opportunities [EP 11]
July 23, 2023 • 7 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, Rukshana discusses three things she wishes she had done differently during her corporate career. Rukshana shares her regrets about not starting her online presence earlier, including writing online, establishing a YouTube channel, and having a podcast. She believes that utilizing social media in the right way would have helped her think more clearly, analyze information better, and effectively communicate her message. Building an online presence could have also opened up opportunities for networking, personal branding, and professional growth. Despite acknowledging the challenge of gaining visibility in the crowded social media landscape, Rukshana emphasizes the importance of reflecting on these regrets and making changes for a better future. In addition to her regrets about her online presence, Rukshana touches on the topic of mental resilience in the financial services industry, an area vital for coping with the challenges of tight deadlines, difficult people, and office politics. She shares her struggles with maintaining mental strength and highlights the toxic workplace environment that can result from office politics. Rukshana also reflects on the imbalance caused by prioritizing work too much, which took a toll on her physical health and social interactions. If given the chance, she would have prioritized her well-being by going to the gym after work and investing time in meaningful connections outside of the office. Tune in to this episode to gain insights from Rukshana's reflections and learn how to navigate the complexities of the corporate world or any other industry.
Unmasking Job Dissatisfaction: Exploring 5 Common Reasons People Hate Their Jobs [Ep 10]
July 16, 2023 • 7 MIN
In this episode of Coaching Chats, host Rukshana Alieva tackles the pressing issue of job dissatisfaction among UK workers. With a recent study revealing that 48% of workers in the UK want to leave their jobs within the next six months, Rukshana dives deep into the reasons why people hate their jobs. Drawing from personal experiences and research, Rukshana identifies five common sources of job dissatisfaction. The first culprit is the lack of fulfillment when jobs fail to align with passions, interests, or values. Many individuals find themselves trapped in careers that leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled. Rukshana explores the detrimental impact of a lack of work-life balance on job satisfaction. Long hours, high-pressure deadlines, and demanding job responsibilities can lead to burnout and frustration, leaving workers yearning for a better balance. Another crucial reason for job dissatisfaction is the mismatch between skills and interests. When individuals find themselves in jobs that don't align with their strengths or passions, they can feel stuck and uninspired. For Rukshana, the underlying motive behind this episode lies in the belief that many people go through life on autopilot without examining the root causes of their job dissatisfaction. It is crucial to analyze and understand these reasons to bring about positive change. Furthermore, Rukshana delves into the impact of feeling like one's work doesn't make a difference in the world. This lack of meaning can lead to an inner void and profound dissatisfaction with a job that offers no sense of purpose. Finally, Rukshana discusses toxic work environments and limited growth opportunities as two additional reasons people despise their jobs. Whether it's dealing with a bad boss, bullying, coworker conflicts, or poor communication, toxic work environments can significantly impact job satisfaction. Additionally, limited growth opportunities, such as a lack of training or stagnant responsibilities, can leave individuals feeling stuck in their careers. As a coach, Rukshana emphasizes the importance of self-awareness when it comes to job dissatisfaction. By exploring and understanding the reasons behind their unhappiness, individuals can embark on a path of personal growth and make informed decisions about their professional lives. This episode seeks to empower listeners to take control of their careers and find jobs they truly love. Tune in to this enlightening episode of Coaching Chats as Rukshana guides listeners through the five reasons people hate their jobs and offers valuable insights to help improve job satisfaction. Remember, self-reflection and self-awareness are the keys to unlocking a happier and more fulfilling professional life!
Shifting Your Focus to Increase Confidence: a Coaching Chat with Brian Boyle [EP 9]
July 9, 2023 • 64 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, host Rukshana sits down with guest Brian Boyle to explore the topic of confidence. They delve into various aspects of building confidence, such as physical changes like posture and attire, as well as techniques like imagining how admired individuals handle situations. They emphasize the importance of focusing on positive outcomes, rehearsing difficult conversations, and connecting with the audience to reduce nerves. Brian opens up about his own struggles with impostor syndrome and the desire to overcome self-negative talk in order to become a confident speaker. Throughout the conversation, they highlight that confidence is not based on innate talent but rather earned through hard work and practice. They also discuss the potential challenges and judgments one may face when sharing content online and the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive relationships. Brian shares personal examples of stepping out of his comfort zone and emphasizes the continuous process of taking risks for personal growth. They discuss the significance of progress, financial investment in coaching, and the need to prioritize and invest in one's own development. The episode concludes with practical advice on embracing change, overcoming fears of judgment and failure, and the power of consistency in settling criticism. So, join us on this enlightening episode of Coaching Chats as we explore the journey to confidence and personal growth.
Becoming Better vs. Feeling Better: Decoding Personal Growth [EP 8]
June 21, 2023 • 7 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, host Rukshana Alieva questions whether the pursuit of happiness is a myth. She emphasizes the importance of personal growth, living authentically, and avoiding behaviors that don't serve us in the long run. Rukshana warns against chasing happiness through material possessions and social media, sharing personal experiences and anecdotes to back up her points. She differentiates between those who seek instant gratification and those committed to personal growth and fulfillment. Listen in for valuable insights and the chance to book a one-on-one session with Rukshana, a certified life coach who helps employees in finance find balance and fulfillment in their lives.
From Stuck to Transformed: a Coaching Chat with Bernard Kates [EP 7]
June 7, 2023 • 66 MIN
In this episode of Coaching Chats, Rukshana Alieva interviews transformational leadership coach and mentor Bernard Kates. Bernard shares his coaching philosophy focused on personal and professional growth, while emphasising the importance of living authentically and showing empathy and non-judgment towards others. The episode covers various topics on how to transform oneself to achieve fulfillment and peace, including the "Heart Mindset Trajectory". Bernard also offers practical advice on knowing oneself and determining personal values and life purpose. Through a story about a team member named Jack, he emphasises how coaching can help people focus on their goals and achieve true satisfaction in life. Tune in to this episode for insightful tips and strategies on how to achieve personal growth and find meaning and purpose in life.
MindFreeks: A Values-Driven Coaching Community for Personal Growth and Exploration [EP 6]
May 21, 2023 • 53 MIN
In this episode of Coaching Chats, Rukshana interviews Michelle Wiseman community leader of MindFreeks - a values-driven community for coaches. We dive into the world of MindFreeks where individuals take responsibility for their own growth and exploration. Joining the community is free, but it's up to the individuals to invest in themselves and take ownership of their journey. We explore the organic process of building connections and rapport within the community, emphasizing the importance of safety and a "win-win" mindset. The MindFreeks community isn't just about the events they offer; it's about the individuals and their contributions. However, finding a balance between creating structure and maintaining organic growth is a challenge. We delve into the importance of personal growth and self-awareness for life coaches, with the speaker sharing their own journey and experiences with attending workshops and receiving feedback. The community aspect of learning and personal growth is significant and promotes openness and inclusivity. We explore the complexity of creating a community, sharing insights from Mindset - a supportive environment where individuals have the freedom to try new things, with no competition. The ultimate goal is aligning values and vision to create magic within a community, regardless of its size. Tune in to learn more about this fascinating topic!
Why obsessing over job titles can be detrimental to overall well-being [EP 5]
April 30, 2023 • 8 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, I explore the topic of personal branding vs job titles where I stress the importance of personal development and building skills & expertise to create a fulfilling life. Here we cover the distractions that job titles can cause and how some industries prioritise titles more than others. We also cover the risks and limitations of chasing promotions and titles and how it can lead to workplace politics and a lack of focus on quality work. Join me for a discussion on the importance of focusing on what truly matters in our careers and lives.
The Impact of Bad Bosses on Mental Health: What You Need to Know [EP 4]
April 14, 2023 • 9 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, I share my past experiences with bad bosses and their negative impact on mental health. From being ignored and undermined by a certain person to working under dictatorial leadership, I have seen both sides of the spectrum when it comes to good and bad bosses. This episode highlights how emotions are a normal part of being human and how the psychological effects of working for a bad boss can extend beyond just stress. I urge anyone dealing with a bad boss to take action and not ignore the situation, recommending actions such as speaking up or talking to HR, and even finding a new job if necessary. Join me as I explore this important topic and learn how we can thrive in a good work environment.
Unveiling the 3 Key Skills for Success in the Modern World [EP 3]
April 14, 2023 • 2 MIN
On this episode of Coaching Chats, we dive into the essential skills required for success in today's world. First on the list is digital literacy, which involves leveraging AI tools to increase productivity and efficiency. However, we touch on the importance of verifying the quality of the results. Next, we explore the significance of critical thinking and how it aids in approaching problems with a fresh perspective and not accepting things at face value. Lastly, we discuss the powerful skill of adaptability and how it allows for resilience, flexibility, innovation, and welcoming new experiences. Tune in to gain insight into the top skills for success in the digital age.
Is life balance achievable? [EP 2]
February 19, 2023 • 7 MIN
In this episode I delve into the concept of Life balance and answer the question - Is it truly achievable? Life balance is a crucial concept which relates to every single person. I got fascinated by this concept when I was doing Life coaching course (this is where I knew about it.) I also share my personal experience with my Life balance; what my struggle areas were in the past vs where I am with my life balance now. How would you assess you life now? Do you think that you need to bring more balance in some areas of your life?
Self Awareness [EP 1]
December 14, 2022 • 6 MIN
Why self-awareness is important to effective living? What's the One Characteristic You Need to Master for a Successful Life? Self-awareness ... it is critical for a fulfilling life because it allows us to better understand ourselves and make sense of our place in the world. In this first episode I break down the importance of having self-awareness for a successful, happier life.